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Chapter 1 - What is Sustainability

When you google “sustainability” many different definitions pop up. They range from business financial practices to our environmental impact, but I think the best way to describe sustainability is to describe what it is NOT.

The opposite of sustainability is “consumption that exceeds our ability to replenish.”

That leads to the question, are you consuming more than you can replenish or are you living sustainably?

Keep in mind that this isn’t just about the environment. It’s finances, mental health, and physical health, too. Consumption and sustainability play a role in every aspect of our lives and often when you improve in one area, it will improve another area too.
Reducing your water usage at home will lower your water bill, being both good for the environment and your wallet. Going for a walk after dinner improves your physical health and your mental health. Switching to a reusable product, like rags instead of paper towels, reduces paper waste, and costs less than buying paper towels on your next grocery run.

In this series we will explore many different ways to be more sustainable, many will focus on the environment but have the additional benefit of helping in other areas as well.
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