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Chapter 4 - Knock first, I am in the bathroom!

*Please note that we might make some money off of the links to products here, all of that money goes to support the ranch and we thank you!

We just recently did an audit of the bathroom to make sure that we are continuing to be more sustainable and wanted to share with you some of the items that we use.

The first thing to mention is that we try my hardest not to use plastics, which is why we have made some of these switches:

- Instead of a plastic razor R Mom has made the switch to a safety razor. It is all metal and completely recyclable. She is working on getting everyone to switch too!

- Next is our deodorant. Using natural ingredients in a cardboard container means that it will rot when we are finished with it. Many people believe that it is healthier for you too!

- Just like deodorant, our shampoo has made a change to a natural, vegan, plastic free option. We buy the largest amount we can and separate it into glass containers for the tub but leave the more durable container of bioplastic in the shower.

- For toothpaste R Mom used to use toothpaste tablets, but a jaw injury has made it hard for her to bite down on them, so she opt for a recycled plastic and all-natural toothpaste. But, she still loves the tooth tablets!

- We also use a bidet and bamboo toilet paper

- And this one has been a hot topic previously, but we only take quick showers when we NEED them and plan our chores/days accordingly. An example is R Mom takes one after cleaning stalls on Saturdays but then if she doesn't get too dirty she won't take one again until Tuesday. We know this isn’t for everyone and we used to be that way too, but we learned that our skin and hair are much healthier since we switched.

There are still many ways we can be more sustainable in the bathroom, but this is a start, and no change is too small! Even if you just change one thing you are making a difference!

Remember you don’t need to make all these changes all at once, but start with trying one thing at a time. Small changes over time will create a large impact, and it’s a more sustainable approach too!

We appreciate you reading and be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media to be sure to keep up with all the goings on here at the ranch. And remember, one small step in the right direction is all it takes for you to make a difference!

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