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Get to Know the Animals

Help support the animals here at Rowell Ranch by becoming a monthly sponsor!

Your reoccurring monthly donation will cover the cost of feed for the animal of your choice.

With each animal sponsorship you will receive a photo of your sponsored animal, and monthly updates.

To become a monthly sponsor please click the link below their bio and enter the monthly reoccurring amount associated with them that is listed, then shoot us an email at to let us know which animal(s) you have chosen to sponsor. 

THANK YOU from all of us here at Rowell Ranch for your support!

*100% of the donation goes to the animals feed and care purchases, this is intended to raise funds for the animals and more than one person can sponsor any single animal. 



Oogi is amazing! His original family thought that his mom had gone through cow menopause and put her out with the retired bulls. A little while later there was Oogi sitting in the field with his mama. His poor mom was far to old to have the patience and stamina for a new baby and the family knew he needed to find a new place and they wanted to make sure that place would care for him for many years and never kill him for beef or hide. He was born August 5, 2020 and has been a wonderful addition to our family and has taught us bunches about bovine!

Oogi’s favorite foods are oranges and strawberries (so far)

Cows have a special part in our life, you can read the story about Marvin’s favorite bovine, Thelma here.

You can also read about what Oogi means here.

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Mooshi (Mushi)

Late one night I got a call from a friend who knew we wanted to take in another bovine, she said she was contacted by a family that had a sick calf and he needed placement ASAP. We did some quick adjustments in our stalls and stocked up on supplies and took him in. He is now in perfect health and full of snuggles! His birthday is February 21, 2021. 

Mushi got his name because he is part of the same universe as Oogi, Avatar the Last Airbender and Legends of Korra.  We were having a hard time naming him and his name was one of the suggestions of the Order of the White Lotus. We took a family vote and Mooshi it is! (there's more info on Mushi's name here)

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Clementine is a mini-Holstien, which is the same breed as Mooshi but just smaller, and she came to use after a long walk down the road from our neighbor’s house, lol. Our neighbors got her as a friend for their farm, but she played a little too rough for their alpacas and asked if we could bring her here instead. Of course, we said yes and R Dad headed down the way to their house with a bucket of feed and a lead rope where he convinced Clementine to follow him all the way to Rowell Ranch!




Jinora is a pot-belly pig that came to use from another sanctuary that was closing their doors and we are so happy to have her here! She is full of spunk, snuggles, and muddy kisses. We all joke that she is also R GPA’s favorite grandkid. He loves to come over and spend time with her.

Jinora’s name also comes from the same universe as Oogi, Mushi, and Bumi.   

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Pepper is also a pot-belly pig who was found roaming around Sunbird Golf Course.  She is lucky to have some great friends that safely caught her and brought her here to live her best life. She is a bit skittish around people but warming up everyday! 

Pepper’s name also comes from the same universe as Oogi, Mushi, Bumi and Jinora, she is actually names after Jinora's sky bison.   

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Caramel Macchiato

Carmel, his brother Vanilla Bean, and 11 of our hens were taken in from a family that was moving and could not bring them along. Even though we weren’t even living at R Ranch yet Mom agreed to provide them with a home.  From our understanding, Carmel is an ex-petting zoo goat. He is very sweet with anyone who wants to come and give him love. He was adopted into the family with his siblings on September 2, 2020.


Vanilla Bean Frappuccino 

Vanilla Bean is 2 year old, he just has his birthday on March 13th. Just 8 days after his brother Benny’s birthday. He is a silly wether who has a wonderful surfer hairdo. He loves everyone but also loves to jump! He is one of our only polled goats, which means that he does not have and never had horns.

Fun Fact: Vanilla and Carmel came with their names and inspired many other names on R Ranch!



Oreo came to us from a family that feared that he was too aggressive to be around their young children because he is a bit larger and has horns. When we agreed to take him in we expected a handful of personality and what we got was a very gentle guy. We do not know his age but his Gottcha Day was November 28, 2020.

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On March 25th, 2021 I was feeding everyone and noticed that the "Guest Goat"(goat I was boarding) S'mores had had her baby. He was is a beautiful buckling full of energy. Scanning the stall I noticed a wet blob of a baby in the corner, I actually thought she was the placenta until I saw her breathe. She is the tiniest goat I have ever seen and could not move. I quickly dried her off and tried to get her warm.

S’mores didn’t want anything to do with her so for 2 hours I worked on trying to get her body temp back up and gave her Karo syrup to give her some energy and decided to call the vet out. After a tube feeding and evaluation, the vet thinks she is going to be ok, however, she does have hydrocephalus, very stunted growth, and vision problems. To give her the best chance at life she has been moved into our master bedroom and we will continue to care for and monitor her.



Once we moved Clover out to the pasture we realized that she would need more help "goating" than the other goats, so we searched high and low until we found her the perfect companion and service goat, Sage! We welcomed Sage to the family on May 1st, 2021. She has the calmest, sweetest personality of any goat we know and is a perfect sister for Clover. 

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Abby & Murphy 

Abby & Murphy are brother and sister, raised by a family in our neighborhood who reached out to see if anyone could take them in because they outgrew their home and we gladly welcomed them! Abby is very kind and gentle and Murphy is still a little bit skittish around humans but gets along with the other animals very well. 

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Our big boy Guinness came to us after being found dumped on horse property in Maricopa. He was found bloody and beat up with a broken horn. The horse ranchers took care of him and nursed him back to health and then brought him here. He was a buck when he arrived and was castrated as soon as we could get the vet out! He looks very intimidating but he is actually our sweetest and most gentle goat. 


Fig Jam

Fig came to us when a friends son discovered that he was headed to slaughter and felt that he had much more life in ahead of him and purchased him from the slaughter house and brought him here. He was very young and it took him a bit of time to feel like part of the herd but he now fits in just well and loves to hang out with Clover. 

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Snickers came to us when someone reached out to another sanctuary that was full. We were told that she might be on the agresive side but with our large herd we haven't had any issues. However, she doesn't seem to realize that she has horns and gets her heard stuck far too often. If you ever drive by and see her stuck please shoot us a message!




We know, it's kind of funny to have a goat named cow but he came to us with his name. He is named that way because he has spots like a cow.

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Mama came to use from a close family friend who had adult children moving out and wanted to travel more. She is very sweet but very skittish and learning how to be part of the herd. 

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The Ladies (Chickens)

We never expected to have chickens, but now they are some of our favorite family members! The way they run through the field and their fluffy butts are pure entertainment! 

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Bumi is a  sulcata tortoise and we have no idea how old he is. Another small rescue had someone dump Bumi at her property and her other male tortoise was not having it ! But, we were more than happy to take him in!

Bumi name is from the same universe as Oogi and Mooshi too! 

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Photo Sep 20, 8 08 29 AM.jpg


Nala is a Follow Your Heart rescue cat, they posted shortly after we moved into R Ranch that they had a sweet kitty who needed a home. She loves hanging out with the dogs and is often lounging on the patio. She is approximately 4 years old.


Atlas is about 2 year old and our oldest daughter, Ty originally took him in. She found him wandering her apartment complex with an injured leg. She nursed his leg back to health and then brought him here where he moved into the barn after he was neutered. He is not only the sweetest cat but also the silliest! 



(Gus Gus, Yubba Gus, Yubbers)

Gus is a rescue pup that Mom fell in love with at first sight! He is 8 years old and we always end up celebrating his birthday with a big celebration…at least he thinks it’s all for him, because his birthday is the 4th of July.

IG: wecantholdourlicker


Photo Sep 03, 9 37 41 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 18, 8 22 29 AM.jpg


(Pollo, Big Boy Pollo)


Apollo was a foster fail with Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue. We fostered 19 puppies before we decided that he was the special one that got to stay with us forever. He thinks he is only 20 lbs and doesn’t realize how big he is (120lbs to be exact.) Apollo’s birthday is June 22, the same as his sister Ray’s birthday.

IG: wecantholdourlicker



(Squinter Do, The Fast Dog In The World)


Squints doesn’t like it when we talk about him, it makes him nervous. He is the strangest of the family and has many quirks. He loves to take all his nervous energy out by playing fetch with ANYTHING you will throw. His favorite fetch toys are sticks that are WAY to big for him, and bubbles. Squints will be 3 years old on July 8th 2021.

IG: wecantholdourlicker

Photo Apr 20, 9 25 28 PM.jpg

Benny the Jet Rodriguez

(Benny, Ben Ben, Benjamin)

Benny is the baby of the doggos and just turned 2 in March. He is the most mischievous of all the dogs, and loves to help you with your projects by grabbing tools from your bag and running away with them. He is always full of snuggles and kisses.

IG: wecantholdourlicker

Wendy Peffercorn

Wendy Peffercorn was surrendered to Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue after being severely injured at 3 weeks old where they nursed her back to health and then reached out to see if we would be interested adding her to our pack since she is special needs. We decided to add her to our family and care for her medial needs. She has had a rollercoaster of medial issues in her life so far but is doing much better now and we are so happy to have her here has part of R Family!  

IG: wecantholdourlicker


If you or anyone you know is needing to rehome or find care for an animal in need please feel free to send us an email or message us on social media for more information. 

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