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Welcome to Rowell Ranch!

Rowell Ranch is a 501c3 Farm Sanctuary run by R. family!

Keep up with our crazy lives and stay up to date with special events on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, check out our shop for ranch swag, and meet the whole family by checking out the other pages.

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R. Ranch is a 501(c)(3)

Many people have asked how they can help support Rowell Ranch and we encourage everyone interested in contributing to our rescue efforts to consider purchasing items in our online shop.  

We accept payment for goods and donations via Venmo and Paypal.  You can also make a donation through paypal by clicking the "Donate Today" button to the left.   

Any way you choose to support R. Ranch we appreciate it! Every animal you meet at R. Ranch is here to live their best lives, to the fullest, without fear, as one of R. family members.

From all of us and all of them we say, "Thank you!"

Just like the goats follow Mom, you can follow us too! 
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